Interview by Damla Bozoglu

In our series “In Conversation With” we talk with the young professionals of Istanbul and beyond. Up next, we had a little chat with performance artist, choreographer and instructor Dila Yumurtaci.


It’s hard to put together words when trying to explain an artist so talented and humble and also so dear to my heart. Above all, Dila is a connector and a true teacher. I admire her relationship ethics with art, people and herself. Her schedule is busier than ever, Dila can be seen traveling around Istanbul, showcasing her art, choreographing, teaching, connecting and contacting with people. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

What are your priorities in life?

Health is the baseline of my life, I feel grateful by my health physically and psychologically. Time also is in my priorities because life is too short to actualize everything you're dreaming about and it is also the most precious thing to share with your loved ones. 

Can you plan your day according to your own priorities?

All my life, I was in a struggle with the planning of my priorities. I have a lot of excitement towards life and I have an intuitive nature, I couldn't make myself to plan my day. So I try to figure out what fits with my priorities at that moment. Planning the future makes me sick, as a cliché, I try to be at the moment. However, it is still quite difficult for me.

What do artists do all day?

As an artist, I need to sit still during hours and watch the world go by. It is not the case to be productive all the time because I need time and space to prepare myself. My ordinary day starts with my shadow yoga practice early in the morning, I clean up the house, have a coffee and breakfast while reading or watching some stuff on the internet, I go out if I have to meet with people, or to give classes, or to have a rehearsal. Otherwise, the artist may feel happy just to be at home/ studio to work.

Yumurtaci Series, Dila Yumurtaci

Yumurtaci Series, Dila Yumurtaci

Are you making any savings for your future?

I am not sure. In terms of money, I wish I would have a big saving then I would give my full time to my art practices.

Do you wear outfits on the days you work from home?

No, it is the whole point to work from home. I prefer to stay with my pajamas.


“As an artist, I need to sit still during hours and watch the world go by. It is not the case to be productive all the time because I need time and space to prepare myself.”

Do you appreciate the process or focus only on the end product?

I focus on the process because it's enjoyable. You can discover a lot of new, different things and meanings. People want to see the result but who cares about people, I love the process!

Dila recommends to sit still because in modern life we do the opposite, we run everywhere to finish our tasks and we talk too much. We need to calm to be able to move and think mindfully. I recommend to move your body freely with music, free movement opens a space to listen to yourself. I have a lot of recommendations but I know we can not decide what is suitable for one another. My biggest recommendation would be to learn how to listen to your soul and body. 

Dila also made us a dance playlist, listen below.