Interview by Damla Bozoglu


Ozan was one of our first Epicene friends—  meaning he was one of the first people we met as Epicene. He does a lot for the company he works at with such ease and calmness, you’d think he has nothing on his mind.

This is a little chat into his day-to-day, although he doesn’t prefer long sentences, the sincerity you can feel in them tells a lot. There is also a playlist below created by him—  enjoy the conversation!

What do you do for a living? What is your day to day work tasks on a normal work day?

I work at Nike Turkey as an account manager for sneaker boutiques and fashion accounts.

My work day is mostly full of conversations with accounts, checking deliveries and finances, executing launches and etc. In short words, anything which’ll provide some cool sneakers to more people around. 

Do you make to-do lists for each day or week?

I usually do weekly lists every Monday, yet never follow up after Tuesday.


 Are you happy with direction your life is following?

 Yes, although you can never be certain, I have a good feeling.

Where and how do you work best?

Out somewhere- most probably in a café where I’m a regular so I feel comfortable. It’s essential for me to feel some energy spinning around, the staff, other people etc. yet being alone within all of it. Lately, heading to the office way early, even before full sunrise, prior to everyone arriving has been pretty productive for me as well.

What does being strong mean to you?

Self-confidence and having loved ones around.

What does an off-duty day look like for you?

Breakfast on my own and some reading at Petra, hit the gym and meet with friends in the afternoon.

What is on top of your bucket list?

Keep doing what I love, all my life. It matters the most.


Ozan recommends

Don’t be a fanatic about anything
C’est tout
Time & walks alone
Good coffee
Waking up before the sunrise
Relaxed fit in everything
032c + The Franchise Mag.
Any sport you prefer – just do it often